K5LBJ – LASA High School Club

When the club was formed, LBJ High hosted an advanced academic program called the Liberal Arts & Science Academy (LASA). In 2007, LASA became its own high school co-located on the LBJ campus. While celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, the decision was made by club members to officially change the name of the club to reflect its operation as a part of the Liberal Arts & Science Academy High School.

As such, in April 2014, K5LBJ became the “LASA” High School Amateur Radio Club.  We continue to be proud of our callsign which represents our club’s heritage and Texas roots.  Whether operating as LBJ or LASA High, we are K5LBJ.  Ultimately, we just want to be a leader in assisting new Hams to learn the excitement of the hobby.

Originally issued KE5BBZ, the LBJ High School Amateur Radio Club was formed in April 2004. (The Founding Students were Noah Kalish, KD5VDO, David Broockman, KD5ZNC.) At that time, we also became a member of ARRL’s “Big Project”, now known as the Education & Technology Program (ETP).

Over time, the Amateur Radio club provided an avenue to form an Amateur Radio class at LASA. Students are guided by their teacher, Ronny Risinger, KC5EES, and our beloved Elmer, Joe Fisher, K5EJL. Many students have learned about this uniquely fun and important service over the years.

The club competes in the Spring/Fall “School Club Roundup” where schools are challenged to make as many contacts as possible in 24 hours throughout a week.  K5LBJ is proud to have placed 1st in the High School division in 2006, 2010, 2014, 2017, and 2019. 

If you would like to get in touch with our current club members you can always find them on the N5OAK Discord server in the K5LBJ Club channel.