Club Fox Hunts

Do you like to Fox Hunt?  

We typically have a fox hunt every other weekend but more than often they are every weekend. Many of our club members have custom made foxes that get hidden in some really cool places all over Travis and Williamson county. We also have a large variety of fox hunts to keep things interesting. 

Create A Fox Hunt Map

Our club uses GaiaGPS to create interactive fox hunt maps. Gaia is super easy to use and their free account will allow you do to everything you need. Click Here for instructions on how to create a Fox Hunt map and share it with the club on Discord.

New to Fox Hunting?

If you’ve never been on a fox hunt and are interested, get in touch with us on the #foxhunt channel in Discord.  We typically suggest new hunters ride along on their first few hunts to get the hang of it before going out on their own. We will show you all the tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years as well as what gear we use to find the fox.

For maps and all the details visit our #foxhunt channel in Discord.

N5OAK Fox Crawls

  • You can hunt solo or as a team and can join the Crawl at any bar.
  • You only have to find the fox once to be on The Crawl.
  • The Fox Crawl stops at multiple bars all over Austin.
  • Food is served at a majority of the bars.
  • If you cannot hold your liquor you will be required to Uber home.
  • After the crawl we all make our way to dinner before heading home.

Want to be the Fox?