N5OAK - Oak Hill, Texas - 147.320 Mhz PL 114.8
A friendly group of 136 Central Texas radio operators *

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If you're licensed, join us on air today

The N5OAK repeater replaces the historic W5MOT "Circle M" radio club repeater. Still located at the Freescale (formerly Motorola) facility on the same 400+ft tower located right on top of Oak Hill itself the system has resumed providing Central Texas with excellent coverage and friendly conversation.

Our primary rule is kindness

We welcome all respectful, FCC licensed individuals to our repeater. We don't talk down to anyone regardless of their skill level. We are especially welcoming of young and beginning hams so keep it Texas Friendly and come have a nice time!

If you're not licensed now is the time

Amateur radio is an exciting hobby that combines the 100+ year old trade of radio communication with modern day electronics and has something for just about everyone. Whether you desire to communicate with people around the world, around town, or just want to learn more about electronics ham radio is fun, challenging, and rewarding for all involved.

There is no minimum (or maximum) age to receive your radio license from the Federal Communications Commission - just a 35 question exam covering the basics of radio and the rules of the air. Contact us if you're interested in getting your license. We gladly provide no-strings-attached, absolutely free assistance to those who wish to join our hobby!

Thursday Night Social Net

Join us Thursday nights at 8pm...

...for the N5OAK Thursday Night Net, a weekly social net open to ALL licensed amateur radio operators. It's the perfect time and place to ask a question, get advice, or simply tell your fellow radio geeks about what you've been up to lately. Tune in Thursday Nights at 8pm on the N5OAK repeater - 147.320 pl 114.8.


Now Accepting New Members - No Annual Membership Dues!

Want to support the efforts of the Oak Hill Amateur Radio Club? To be kept up to date on upcoming on-air and in-person events? Wish to have direct control of our IRLP facilities (coming soon)? Join today! It's easy and we charge no annual membership dues, instead simply asking you to donate what you can to support our expanding repeater facilities.

If you're here to sign up you'll have an opportunity to donate after joining so click above.
If you wish to donate without joining or to make an additional donation click below.

IRLP / EchoLink

IRLP and EchoLink are ONLINE.

Dial 7448 from any IRLP enabled system or search for N5OAK in Echolink to join us.

To prevent abuse the IRLP node on the N5OAK requires a prefix code for access to outbound IRLP functions.

The Oak Hill Amateur Radio Club board members are:

Michael Hanley - KF5KBZ
Brandon Bielstein - KG5CDP
Bill Johnson - K5WEJ
Kris Schmelter - KD5ARS

Our board and club membership are a group of radio operators and electronics enthusiasts who genuinely
enjoy and desire to promote ham radio to young and old alike in Central Texas.

Contact us:

The purpose of the Oak Hill Amateur Radio Club is... The promotion of interest in Amateur Radio communication and experimentation; the establishment of Amateur Radio networks to provide electronic communications in the event of disasters or other emergencies; the furtherance of the public welfare; the advancement of the radio art; the fostering and promotion of noncommercial intercommunication by electronic means throughout the world; the fostering of education in the field of electronic communication; the promotion and conduct of research and development to further the development of electronic communication; the dissemination of technical, educational and scientific information relating to electronic communication; and the publishing of information necessary or incidental to any of the above purposes.

* Membership number calculated automatically based on web signups.
We assume it gives or take a few guys who can't figure out their email or got so excited they signed up twice.

73s from the Oak Hill Amateur Radio Club!